Welcome to the 1st Annual

Pulp Paper World Forum 2018

We live in a time when businesses are being disrupted by digital technologies and every process of a business is driven by it , The Pulp and Paper industry faces more technological disruptions than most sectors. Today, a lot is being asked of pulp and paper industries. On average, a mill spends at least 17% of its total production cost on energy. This makes the pulp and paper industry one of the top five energy consumers in the world.

Looking at those figures and considering the quest for sustainable/renewable energy, you will either be fearful of what will unfold in a few years, or be courageous to embrace the future.

Whichever category you are, there’s a grand eye-opening event that will transform your company forever. Holding on the 25th and 26th April, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Puplpaper World Forum 2018 is booked with well-known speakers whose words will open your minds to modern systems and approaches.

Pulppaper World Forum 2018 is focused on educating business professionals on how to strategically place their names and services to increase their market share.

It is an event that will give you the opportunity to network with industry experts and top executives

Ian Melin-Jones

Event Director